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Beware of those pesky wasps that can quickly ruin any outdoor gathering! These buzzing insects can be a real nuisance, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are four important things you need to know about wasps:

  1. Wasps are attracted to sweet smells: Be cautious when having sweet drinks or food outdoors, as these can attract wasps. Keep your food and drinks covered to avoid inviting them to your party.
  2. Wasps can sting multiple times: Unlike bees, wasps can sting you repeatedly, which can be painful and potentially dangerous if you’re allergic. It’s essential to stay calm and avoid swatting at them, as this can provoke them to attack.
  3. Wasps build nests in various locations: They can build nests in trees, bushes, eaves, or even underground. If you notice a lot of wasp activity around your property, it’s important to locate and remove their nest to prevent further infestation.
  4. Professional insect control can help: Dealing with a wasp problem can be challenging and dangerous. It’s best to leave it to the experts who have the knowledge and tools to handle the situation safely and effectively. They can identify the type of wasp, locate their nest, and safely remove it without putting anyone at risk.

Don’t let wasps ruin your outdoor fun. Contact our professional insect control experts in Alice, TX to ensure a wasp-free environment for you and your loved ones. Let our team take care of the wasp problem so you can enjoy your gatherings without worry.


If you’re fascinated by the intricate webs and mysterious nature of spiders, you’ll want to read on to learn some intriguing facts about these eight-legged creatures. Spiders are found in almost every habitat on Earth, except for the oceans and Antarctica. There are over 45,000 known species of spiders, ranging from tiny ones that measure only a few millimeters to giant tarantulas with leg spans of up to 30 centimeters. Despite their fearsome reputation, most spiders are harmless to humans and actually play a crucial role in controlling insect populations. They are skilled hunters, using their silk to create intricate webs or to capture prey directly. Some species even have venomous bites that they use to subdue their prey. Spiders are incredibly diverse, with a wide range of colors, shapes, and behaviors. From the delicate orb-weaving spiders to the agile jumping spiders, each species has its own unique characteristics. So, the next time you spot a spider, take a moment to appreciate its beauty and the important role it plays in our ecosystem.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be a real nuisance, causing discomfort and frustration for those who encounter them. These tiny insects feed on human blood and can be found in mattresses, furniture, and cracks and crevices around the home. They are excellent hitchhikers and can easily be brought into your home through infested luggage, clothing, or used furniture. Once inside, they reproduce rapidly and can quickly infest an entire area. The bites from bed bugs can cause itchy red welts on the skin, and some people may even have an allergic reaction. Getting rid of bed bugs can be a challenging task, as they are resistant to many common insecticides. Professional insect control in Alice can help you eliminate these pests effectively and safely. They have the knowledge and expertise to identify and treat bed bug infestations, using a combination of chemical treatments and heat treatments to ensure complete eradication. Don’t let bed bugs disrupt your peace of mind, contact professional insect control in Alice today and reclaim your home.


Ants, with their incredible strength and ability to work together, can be fascinating creatures to observe in nature. These tiny insects have developed a complex social structure where each ant has a specific role to play in the colony. From foragers to soldiers, they all work together to ensure the survival and success of their community. Although ants are beneficial in the ecosystem, their presence in our homes can be quite bothersome. They can invade our kitchens, contaminate our food, and even damage our property. If you’re dealing with an ant infestation, it’s important to take action to eliminate them and prevent further problems. Professional insect control services in Alice specialize in addressing ant problems, using effective methods to remove them from your home and create a pest-free environment. By hiring experts in ant control, you can ensure a thorough and long-lasting solution to your ant problem, giving you peace of mind and a sense of belonging in your own home.


You can’t help but shudder at the sight of cockroaches scurrying across your kitchen floor. These pesky insects are not only unsightly, but they also pose a threat to your health and safety. Cockroaches are known carriers of diseases and can contaminate your food and living spaces. Fortunately, professional insect control in Alice is here to help. With their expertise and specialized treatments, they can effectively eliminate cockroach infestations and prevent future outbreaks. Their methods are safe for you, your family, and the environment. By opting for professional insect control, you can regain control of your home and enjoy a pest-free environment. Don’t let cockroaches make you feel unwelcome in your own space. Reach out to professional insect control in Alice and reclaim your sense of belonging.

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