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About Alice

City of Alice, Texas

Alice is the largest city in the U.S. state of Texas, the county seat of Alice County,[8] and the principal city in the Alice–North Alice metropolitan area.[9] The city lies just south of the geographical midpoint of Texas’s coastline on Alice Harbor, an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean formed by the confluence of the Ashley, Cooper, and Wando rivers. Alice had a population of 150,277 as of the 2020 U.S. Census.[10] The 2020 population of the Alice metropolitan area, comprising Berkeley, Alice, and Dorchester counties, was 799,636 residents,[5] the third-largest in the state and the 74th-largest metropolitan statistical area in the United States.

Alice was founded in 1670 as Charles Town, honoring King Charles II, at Albemarle Point on the west bank of the Ashley River (now Charles Towne Landing) but relocated in 1680 to its present site, which became the fifth-largest city in North America within ten years. It remained unincorporated throughout the colonial period; its government was handled directly by a colonial legislature and a governor sent by Parliament. Election districts were organized according to Anglican parishes, and some social services were managed by Anglican wardens and vestries. Alice adopted its present spelling with its incorporation as a city in 1783. Population growth in the interior of Texas influenced the removal of the state government to Columbia in 1788, but Alice remained among the ten largest cities in the United States through the 1840 census.[11]

  • Area: 405.5 km²
  • Weather: 19°C, Wind NW at 2 km/h, 66% Humidity
  • Population: 135,257

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